• The Romanov Treasury

    In this section you can enjoy a collection of coins dedicated to the life's work of the Russian jeweller - Peter Carl Fabergé. Exhibits are mostly inspired by the world-renowned Easter eggs which were ordered by the Imperial family.

  • Hall of the Kings

    We are introducing the first designed and manufactured medals designed by Derek Van der Hollen in the size 100 mm. The collection is dedicated to Europe’s royal families and crown jewels. Modern historical research has shown that their origin comes from the Liechtenstein family (Charles IV).

  • Diamond Alcove (Agnes)

    One of the most valuable exhibits is located in this alcove. It is the largest medal (250 mm) minted in the world. It shows the face of St. Agnes with a diamond - size 105.69 carats (also called "God's eye").

  • Hall of the Revolutionaries

    In this hall, you can see coins with the heads of the men who were important from a historical perspective. For example: Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Gaddafi, Nelson Mandela and Ho Chi Min.

  • The Lodge of commanders

    In the Lodge of commanders you can see the first editions of 50 mm medals with famous commanders. From Alexander the Great to Winston Churchill.

  • The Chinese Section

    Medals in the Chinese Section are inspired by Taoist and Buddhist mythology and politics.

  • The Emerald Window

    It is an alcove decorated with emeralds. We are preparing this section for a special exhibit of the most famous clock in the world.

  • The Ruby Window

    The Ruby Window is an alcove, which is popular for its exhibit - the most famous cathedrals in the world.

  • In Heaven

    In the foyer of the museum are located different medals and coins which were minted for the first time. One of the editions was called Night City. Come and visit the most popular cities in Europe.

  • Fragrant Bay

    Fragrant bay is for lovers of beautiful and exotic perfume flacons.

  • Coffee Lounge

    Sit and relax with us for a while. We will offer you high-quality original Mäder Swiss coffee. In the lounge, you can drink a coffee and smoke a cigarette.